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Friday, May 02, 2008

New~ Gift Certificate Template & Bonus

(Click Image to see bigger)
I created this set for those of you looking for a Gift Certificate.
About the set:
The GC is 7x5 double sided (for press printing - or you can print as astandard print) it's made with WHCC's printing guides, 300ppi and in psd format.

You get 3 12x12 300ppi papers in jpg format

I've also made a little thank you coupon (front and back). They are business card size or you can print as rep cards and not have to order as many. Just a little way of thanking your clients ;)
(You can always remove my text and leave them blank, so you can just fill them in as needed)!!

Special thanks goes to Miranda Renner for the use of her photos!!!
Thanks M - Love ya!!!

$25.00 for the set


Jeneanne Ericsson said...

The image link appears to be broken, I just see a red x, I'd LOVE to see these...sound like just what I need! I can see all the rest of the images on your site though...
Love your work!

RPT Photography said...

Love the gift certificate and thank you card, but like you said the papers don't really fit my image. Can we interchange the papers with ones we have purchased from you in the past? If not I would really like for you to offer this package with some different papers and let me choose which works best to represent my business. Thanks-Love your stuff! Keep up the great work!!

Brittany said...

WHAaa! Why can't I see it??? It's just a blue question mark where the pic is supposed to be???

Tina Parker said...

I think I fixed it....can you see it now?
Sorry about that!!

I will be posting some more papers and another pack sometime this coming week!!

I'm taking requests for colors ;) ;) ;)

Miranda said...

What a fantastic idea. Once again you have given them the perfect feel!

Shauna said...

Love these! Can't wait to get them :) Tina, you ROCK!!!!!