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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Check out my Templates at FlashPalette!!

My first FlashPalette!!!!!!!!!!!  Check it out here


Pay It Forward said...

You rock tina! So proud of you!

ddphotography said...

fantastic! as always!!! maybe someday ill venture into the website definitely not good enough for that yet!

fara said...

Tina, you truly are a girl after my own heart! Your style is unique, so perfectly GRAND and oh so ME! You create what I see in my head, I am so glad you are here to share your amazing creations with us. I am again falling in love...this time with this amazing FlashPalette. It is so me, yet all YOU! The talent you have inspires me to be, not great but GRAND. Oh, thank you for sharing, you did make me smile, what a perfect song!

Heidi Brand said...

So excited for you Tina!

Amber said...

Wow! Another amazing design. WELL DONE!!! You blow me away again and again and again!

Debbie said...

Just want to say that I am so proud of you! Beautiful design. You are awesome Tina.

Tina Parker said...

Thank you so much girls!!!!!!
I have to admit that reading these and the comments on the FP blog, you all have me in tears - happy tears of course!
I'm touched with the kind words and comments about my work, my stlye and my customer service!
I've tried really hard to be the best I can be for everyone - weather it be just listening and being here as a friend, lending a helping hand, answering questions or making donations for a good cause. Thank you again for the kindness of the words your wrote and for coming here to support me!!
Love ya's

Christy Doyea said...

I loved this so much it's now my senior site.

I love it so much. Thanks

Amy said...

Wow. I just love it and all of your stuff. I am just figuring out what to buy next!

Heather Kole said...

Hi :) I came across you on Flickr, and I have to say you do some BEAUTIFUL work. I love this flash template SO much... is it offered for sale? It would be amazing to have this for the website I want to create!! :D

thanks so much!!